In a recent blog post, I wrote about the Importance of Asking Questions in Social Media.  There is another important aspect to asking questions … and that is where our consulting comes into the picture.  Understanding your business, your marketing strategies, your hopes, your dreams and your expectations is probably one of the most valuable aspects to working with our team.

Training and consulting businesses for several years, we see all types of clients get the best results when they took the time up front to utilize assessment tools before implementing any training.  This assessment strategy allows the organization to see a holistic view of the issues and this process often reveals the root cause of many of the problems holding them back from reaching their full potential.  By spending a little time up front, it allows the training to be customized and provides the participants new paradigms and new processes to achieve their desired results.  That’s exactly what we do at GoalCrusher!

Each member of the Goal Crusher team is passionate about helping our clients WIN.  “Results-Driven” is one of our core values.  With that said, we take the time to analyze your current state of business.  During our FREE Strategy Session, we focus on gathering information on the following aspects:

  • Audience
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Competition
  • Business Impact

If you are considering working with a Dallas Advertising Agency or Video Production company and they have not taken the time to analyze your business, THINK AGAIN!  Let me ask you this… What would you think of a doctor that gave you prescription without ever asking you what’s wrong with your body?  I would call that doctor a quack!  Be leery of marketing quacks!  There are plenty of them out there.  A general marketing plan is NOT a one-size, fits-all solution for all business.

Of course, there are marketing principles that we teach to all of our clients.  When we work with clients in our consulting model, each client experience is customized to fit their specific needs to help them achieve their desired results… or should I say… to CRUSH their goals and their competition!

Now that you understand the value of good business analysis, please consider talking to us about your business.   So what are you waiting for?