With today’s economy, marketing budgets are getting tighter and marketers have to get more innovative to get their product or service in front of their customers.  A few years ago, SEO experts were a crucial part of marketing your website if you wanted to be seen.  With the onslaught of the social media explosion, there are alternatives to purely spending the bulk of your marketing budget on SEO.  Are you creating harmony with your marketing?

There are 5 things we must consider when building a framework for creating harmony with SEO and social media: Audience, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics and Goal. With that said, let’s explore this concept for a moment, shall we?


Understanding your audience is the first crucial step to beginning this process.  You need to spend some time getting to know your potential clients.  In what ways do they need your product or service?  If they do decide to buy a product or service like yours, WHERE are they going to try to find YOU?


The main object of SEO in your social media strategy is to help your social media content to be found through search engines.  How are people going to find your Facebook page, your YouTube videos, your LinkedIn account.  Using SEO keywords is extremely helpful to getting your content “seen” in the marketplace.


Game Plan, Strategy, End in Mind… call it what you want, but this is another important step for you to consider.  Social media for the most part is FREE in relation to your finances.  What ISN’T FREE is your time.  Spending your time on the most impactful activities is crucial if you want to be successful and to maintain life balance.  Are you not sure how to develop a strategy?  Consider taking our FREE Business Assessment and take advantage of our offer for an hour of free consulting if you are serious about taking your business to the next level.


While strategy is your big picture, it’s your tactics that will help you execute your game plan.  Do you need an idea or two about which tactics you should be applying to your business?  Read my first blog post titled, “Social Media Knock Out!” for a few ideas.


Whatever your goal is, you need to take the time to measure your progress.  You need to have a base line on where you are with you current marketing efforts.  For example, is it creating leads?  If so, how many are you receiving per month?  Where would you like it be?  What’s the value of the difference over one year, two years, etc.?  Knowing your goal and being able to measure your progress is going to be key to your success.

For some business people, marketing is not their strength and that’s OK.  This is where GoalCrusher comes in.  Like a personal trainer in the gym, we can coach you to help you trim your marketing fat (wasted efforts) and help you create marketing harmony so that you are lean and strong enough to CRUSH your competition.  Be the”Bruce Lee” of your market!