As a general car freak and huge Audi aficionado, a recent article posted on Mashable caught our eye, Audi Has the Most Engaged Fans on Facebook.  It didn’t surprise me to hear these statistics because Audi has been ahead of the curve creating a loyal fan base for years.  They have had a very engaging website that allows the user to interact with each page.  They have local car clubs in almost every major market with huge group participation.  I can tell you that those that own an Audi love to talk about them.  This is probably why Audi outperformed Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga on Facebook in relation to getting more “Likes” within 20 minutes of a post.

In the article, it also stated that a Facebook post will receive 80% of its “Likes” within the first 7 hours it is posted. This is something you might want to think about prior to posting something that you want others to “Like.”  You might take time to poll some of your most loyal followers and ask them what hours they typically spend the most time on Facebook.  By doing this, you might come up with a window of time that provides the best opportunity to help your posts go viral.

Do you have the Facebook “Like” Button on your blog? If the answer is no, then why not?  It’s reported that, over 10,000 websites PER DAY add the “Like” Button.  Don’t think this is a big deal?

If “word of mouth” is good for your business, then look at social media is word of mouth on steroids! Most people I know have at least a few hundred connections on Facebook.  I can re-post an article that I like and within an instant, all of my connections have the opportunity to read it and copy it into their profile.  This is far better than word of mouth and it allows the conversation to go viral into the marketplace.

If you aren’t maximizing Facebook for your social media marketing plan yet, please contact us at GoalCrusher. We’ll be happy to teach you how to leverage Facebook and other platforms to help you increase sales and create a loyal fan base.

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